Instructions for using Dineist



How do i place an order?
How do i register as a user?
How do i register my establishment?
How do i set up my menu items?
How do i cancel an item of my menu?
How do i advertise a special?
How do i cancel an advertised special?
How do i add/deactivate a staff member?
How do i issue a tab code?
How do i close off a tab?
How do i view incoming orders

Register as a user

Fill in the requested details and click the register button.
You may only use an email address once, i.e you cannot register another user with the same email address.
You will be sent an email to that address that will request you to click on a link to actiavte your user.

Register your establishment

To register you establishment you must first register as a user and record your user id.
Then down load the form and email it back to us. It is important that you fill in the latitude and longitude details in decimal, eg Lat -36.5454 Long 128.3457.
Once we have set up your establishment we will assigsn your user id as the restaurant manager. It is important that any requests relating
to this establismet come from this email address.
Obtain lat/long coordinates here
If you own more than one establishment you may be registered as the manager of multiple establishments. You may also have an employee registered as a manager by advising us their user id and the id of the restauarnat.

Set up your menu

Now, when you log in you will see that you are an admin user and have access to the "Restaurant", "Tabs" and "View Orders" screens.
The first thing is to set up your menu;

1. Select the ID of the establishment you are creating the menuitem for.
2. Select the menu item type.
3. Type in the name of the item.
4. Type in the price, e.g 15.50
5. Upload a picture if you have a picture of the item.
6. Enter a subscription of the dish.
7. Click the "Add: button.
Once the menu item is loaded it cannot be altered or deleted. It can only be deactiavted and replaced with a new item if necessary.

Deactivate menu item

1. Select the menu item to be deativated.
2. Click "Deactivate"

Create a Special

To advertise a special;

1. Enter the details of the special.
2. Select the number of days the special will run for (up to 30).
3. Select the start date of the special.
4. Click "Submit"
The special will show up on the home page on the start date and remain or the specified number of days.

End a special.

You may end a special prior to the scheduled end date.

All of your specials (both current and past) are displayed in the table as shown.
1. Select the special you wish to end.
2. On the calendar, click on a date prior to the current date.
3. Click on "End Special"

Assign/Unassign a staff member

In order for staff members to issue and close tabs, they must be registered as a user.

1. Enter the staff members user ID
2. Click either "Add" or "Remove"
3. Click "Add deactivate"
Only an establishment manager has access to perform this.

Issue Tab

1. If a manager or assigned staff member is registered with more than one establishment they must select the establishment first.
2. Enter the table number (If applicable).
3. Enter the guest name (If applicable).
4. Click "Submit"
If you are a cafe owner, you may wish to leave this tab permanently open so that customers can order coffees etc daily.

Close Tab

1. Select the tab you wish to close.
2. Click "Close Tab".
No more orders will be able to be made using this tab number.

View/Complete Orders

This page will refresh every 8 seconds and show orders with the most current on top descending. To complete an order
simply select the order and click "Complete Order".

Place an Order

Any registered user can place an order.

1. Select the restaurant you wish to order from and the menu will appear.
2. Select the menu item.
3. Enter your tab number.
4. Enter any comment for the bar/kitchen staff
5. Click "Order" or "Save to Favourites"
Use the save to favourites if you want to create a dining diary.